We love fish!

Home + Fish = Bliss

Boat’s Aquariums provides maintenance and design services for all sizes of freshwater aquariums. This includes the breeding and sales of ornamental fish and aquatic plants to populate new aquarium designs and aquarium components to ensure the health and happiness of your fish. 

What we do


Let us bring a beautiful aquarium to your home or business! We sell, install and populate your new tank. We can provide fish bred by our owner and aquatic plants appropriate for the species. Our aqua scape designs are custom to the fish and guaranteed to bring enjoyment to all who enter! 


Cleanings, water testing and water changes can be a major chore for aquarium owners. With our regular maintenance plans, you'll never have to worry about the health of your tank! Let our experts do all of the dirty work so you can sit and enjoy your fish. 


Our owner's passion for fish goes beyond the pet store. He breeds many species of freshwater fish to ensure ethical sourcing. We believe in providing the best environments possible from birth to sale, making our fish the happiest and healthiest in the market. Our fish come with a 3-day guarantee to ensure the successful transfer to your aquarium. 


Having an aquarium in your home is more than beautiful decor! Studies show that they can reduce stress and blood pressure, create a calming effect on children with ADHD, and having and aquarium in your bedroom can promote better sleep! What are you waiting for? 


The benefits of adding an aquarium for your office extend to customers and employees alike! They especially reduce impatience in waiting rooms and lobbies! 

Our maintenance services are guaranteed to be clean and quiet! Our goal is not to disrupt your business operations at all. 

Residential Facilities

Did you know that senior with Alzheimer's disease may experience improved well-being from watching the fish swim? Watching brightly colored fish could curtail disruptive behavior, improve mood, and increase the food intake of people with this form of dementia. Patients actually eat better if  there is a fish tank in the dining room of senior facilities.

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